Our Mission

To become the #1 catalyst for innovation in the legal space

Adding value to the industry in 3 ways:


Provide the industry with the insights that will enable increased efficiency, improve client services, gain a competitive advantage and grow market share


Provide the industry platform to reimagine the possibilities that exist within law, push boundaries and build a culture of innovation within legal services


Provide the industry with the network that is needed to turn inspiration and insights into action, improve business results and drive the sector forward

Why Attend

With sessions covering topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and cybersecurity, LegalTechTalk offers an unparalleled opportunity to learn about the most effective ways to increase efficiency and streamline operations. Don’t miss this chance to be part of the legaltech revolution.

In House

Develop your network industry peers to access a wealth of knowledge and resources to help cut costs and solve complex legal issues.

Law Firms

Network & forge commercial partnerships with your clients, learn new ways to improve efficiency and gain a competitive advantage, and meet with entrepreneurs who can help improve your practice.


Network, build relationships with and forge commercial partnerships with law firm and in house leaders, partners and investors.


Opportunity to identify cutting-edge technologies and services that can streamline legal processes and enhance investment portfolios.


Gain insights into emerging legal and regtech developments to better understand and adapt to the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.

Solution Providers

Network with law firms and in-house legal leaders to showcase technology capabilities, generate leads, and create strategic partnerships in the legal sector.

Matchmaking like no other conference

Through our matchmaking tool, discover opportunities no one is looking at yet, and find leads, customers, users, advisors, and mentors.