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The Future of the Legal Industry

A comprehensive outlook on the key trends and challenges in the legal landscape.

Building an Innovative Legal Team

Strategies for attracting, retaining and nurturing entrepreneurial legal talent.

Access to Justice for All: The Promise of Legal Tech

This session will explore the latest trends in legal technology and how they are being used to improve access to justice.

Embracing ESG

Strategies for promoting sustainability in the workplace, and exploring the role of lawyers in driving positive change.

Harnessing AI and Machine Learning in Law​

Debating the impact of AI on legal practice and how firms can benefit from its potential.

The Regulation of Artificial Intelligence

An in-depth discussion on  the different approaches to regulating AI that are being taken around the world, and the impact of these approaches on innovation and ethics.

The Death of the Billable Hour - If Not You, Who? If Not Now, When?

Exploring the impact AI and evolving customer expectations will have on the Billable Hour 👀

Navigating Intellectual Property in the Digital Age

Delve into the complexities of intellectual property (IP) law in a digital world, discussing the impact of new technologies on IP rights.

Transforming the Way We Work

An overview of cutting-edge legal technology solutions and their impact on the industry.

The Impact of AI on the Creation, Ownership, and Enforcement of IP

This session will explore the challenges and opportunities facing IP law in the age of AI – is this the end of IP as we know it? 

Legal Project Management in the Digital Age

Best practices for managing legal projects and leveraging technology for efficiency and collaboration.

Legal Design Thinking: Enhancing User Experience

Explore how legal design thinking principles can be applied to improve user experiences for clients, streamline legal processes, and foster innovation in the delivery of legal services.

The ethics of AI in the legal industry

Live sparing session with ChatGPT4.

The Intersection of Law, Technology, and Culture

Exploring the influence of technology on legal culture and the role of law in shaping tech innovations.

Embracing Tech - Becoming Complete Not Obsolete

This session will explore the importance of embracing technology for lawyers who want to stay relevant in the ever-changing legal landscape.

Cross-border M&A: Opportunities in the Digital Era

Discuss the nuances of cross-border M&A transactions in the age of technology, touching on key challenges and opportunities such as due diligence, data privacy, and integration of digital systems.

The Evolving Role of Legal Leaders

Insights on effective leadership and driving organizational transformation.

Access to Justice in the Age of Technology

Discussing the impact of legal technology on access to justice and strategies to close the digital divide.

The Future of Legal Education and Training

An in-depth discussion on the changing landscape of legal education and the skills required for future lawyers.

LegalTech in Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Examine the ways legal technology is shaping the litigation landscape, including e-discovery, predictive analytics, and the increasing use of online dispute resolution (ODR) platforms.

Building Resilient Legal Business Models

A look at the evolving business models and strategies that will shape the future of law firms.

The Future of Compliance

This session will explore the future of compliance, and how  organisations can deal with the increasing challenges they are faced with.

Smart Contracts: Disrupting Traditional Legal Processes

A look at current and future applications of blockchain and smart contracts in the legal industry.

The Gig Economy and the Future of Legal Work

The gig economy is rapidly transforming the legal profession. More legal professionals are now working as contractors, and law firms are increasingly outsourcing work to gig workers. This session will explore the implications of the gig economy for the future of legal work.

Agenda Day 2

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The Evolving Role of General Counsel in the Digital Era​

Exploring the changing responsibilities and expectations for General Counsel in the age of technology and innovation.

The Myth of the Efficient Law Firm

The billable hour is a traditional way of billing clients for legal services. However, it is becoming increasingly outdated as law firms face increasing competition and pressure to reduce costs. We will explore the myth of the efficient law firm and discuss how to be more productive whilst INCREASING your bottom line.

The Future of Client-Attorney Relationships

Examining the role of technology in enhancing client service and fostering strong relationships.

Embracing Legal Process Automation

Delve into the benefits of legal process automation, showcasing the tools and technologies that can help streamline routine tasks, reduce human error, and drive efficiency within legal teams.

Enterprise Risk Management for General Counsel

Strategies for identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks in a rapidly changing business environment.

Legal Wellbeing: The Key to Increased Productivity and Reduced Burnout

This session will explore the importance of wellbeing for lawyers, and how to create a healthier and more fulfilled workforce.

Regulatory Technology and its Impact on Compliance

The role of RegTech in enhancing compliance operations and the potential benefits for businesses.

Navigating the Ethical Implications of Legaltech

Discuss the ethical considerations arising from the adoption of legal technologies, focusing on transparency, accountability, and data privacy, as well as the evolving role of legal professionals.

General Counsel as Strategic Business Advisors

Examining how General Counsel can provide value beyond legal services and contribute to overall business strategy.

Crypto Regulatory Challenges: Navigating the Legal Landscape

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are rapidly evolving, having a major impact on the legal landscape. We will explore the regulatory challenges posed, and discuss how businesses can navigate these challenges.

Managing Compliance in a Global Business Environment

Navigating complex regulations and developing compliance programs for multinational enterprises

Modernizing Government Legal Services

Examine the opportunities and challenges of implementing legal technology within public sector organizations, including the impact on efficiency, transparency, and access to justice.

Driving Corporate Sustainability and ESG

The role of General Counsel in supporting and implementing environmentally and socially responsible business practices

Driving Change
Successfully in a Law Firm

We will  discuss the specific challenges of driving change in a law firm, such as the need for buy-in from partners and staff, the need to overcome resistance to change, the need to measure and track the success of change. 

The evolving Cybersecurity and Data Privacy landscape​

A comprehensive outlook on the key trends and challenges in the cyber and data privacy landscale.

The Growing Role of ALSPs

Investigate the rise of ALSPs in the legal market, discussing the factors driving their growth, the services they offer, and the potential implications for traditional law firms and in-house legal departments.

The Evolving Role of Compliance Officers

A look at the evolving business models and strategies that will shape the future of law firms.

Attracting Company-Wide Adoption of Legaltech

Legaltech  can be a powerful tool for law firms, but it can also be challenging to get everyone on board. In this session, we will show you how to do just that. 

Building Bridges between Legal and Business Teams

Best practices for fostering collaboration and communication between legal departments and business stakeholders.

The Impact of Emerging Technologies on the Legal Profession

Explore the influence of emerging technologies like quantum computing, augmented reality, and the Internet of Things (IoT) on the legal profession.