AI Startup Hebbia Secured $130M Series B Funding Round


Source: Crunch Base

Hebbia, an AI startup that helps businesses analyze all types of data to answer more complex, multi-step questions, raised a $130 million Series B from a handful of big-name investors.

The new round was led by Andreessen Horowitz and included participation from Index Ventures, Google Ventures and Peter Thiel. The round — which initially was reported late last month — values the company at approximately $700 million, per Bloomberg.

The New York-based startup allows companies to sift through structured and unstructured data — including regulatory filings and PDFs — to answer more detailed and complicated business questions.

“There have been seven major technological revolutions in human history: fire, agriculture, the wheel, repeatable manufacturing, electricity, the internet and AI,” wrote George Sivulka, Hebbia’s founder and chief executive officer, in a blog. “AI is undoubtedly the most important technology of our lives. But technology doesn’t drive revolutions — products do. Hebbia is building the human layer — the product layer — to AI.”

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