Axiom’s New Permanent Recruitment Solutions Now Available in the UK


Axiom expands its comprehensive suite of solutions for in-house legal teams in the UK with the introduction of recruitment solutions, dramatically reducing time to hire and improving quality for top-calibre legal talent.

LONDON—May 14, 2024—Today Axiom, the global leader in high-quality legal talent and cost-effective law firm services, announced new permanent recruitment solutions designed to help clients fill open legal positions with world-class talent in a fraction of the time typically required. These new solutions further extend the company’s comprehensive suite of services and were developed to meet growing demand from clients who want to tap into Axiom’s bench of top-rated lawyers to fill permanent positions on their teams quickly and cost-effectively. A full 90% of clients report Axiom’s legal talent are as talented or even better than their counterparts at traditional law firms.

“Our new recruitment solutions help our clients overcome long-standing challenges in legal hiring, such as prolonged timelines, uncertainty about fit, and difficulty in finding the right talent,” said Sara Morgan, Chief Talent Officer for Legal Talent. “We have thousands of world-class lawyers on our bench across 14 practice areas. We believe we hire more legal talent than anyone else in the world—including traditional recruiters—so we have unique expertise in legal recruiting beyond corporate HR teams and executive search firms. Our new recruitment solutions build on our longstanding leadership in the legal talent marketplace with truly fantastic talent, creating additional value and flexibility for in-house teams.”

Axiom’s recruitment solutions give clients two easy ways to rapidly find and hire permanent placements. Both solutions capitalize on Axiom’s expansive talent network, benefit from Axiom’s legal industry expertise, and help address unique requirements associated with legal recruiting.

  1. Axiom’s permanent placement solutionoffers currentclients direct permanent placements for open legal roles for lawyers and legal operations. As an exciting value-add, current clients can now use Axiom as their full-service legal talent partner—for sourcing, recruiting, and vetting talent for specific roles—ensuring access to top-tier talent for permanent hiring. With Axiom’s permanent placement solution, the client already has the headcount approved, they already have the role opened, they know exactly what they’re looking for, and they want to fill the role fast. We can find, submit, and supply high-quality lawyers in just a few days or weeks—instead of the months it takes traditional executive search firms and HR teams—by tapping our global network of vetted professionals.
  2. Axiom’s interim-to-perm solution gives clients the ability to engage an Axiom lawyer on an interim basis, ensure they’re the right fit for the company, and then move them to a full-time permanent position with ease. They can also use interim-to-perm to mitigate existing budget constraints until they have secured headcount approval, or even to test a need on a team before requesting the necessary headcount and budget. Clients engage Axiom talent with the intent to convert the lawyer to a full-time position at the end of the initial contract period. This gives clients the flexibility to accurately assess a lawyer’s performance and compatibility before committing to a permanent placement.

The hiring challenge is real. Employers estimate the total cost to hire a new employee can be three to four times the position’s salary, and that it costs a company six to nine months of an employee’s salary to replace them, according to a report by The Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). And when a bad hire turns over, the total cost—including lost training, lost productivity, and the time managers invest in supporting HR-specific roles of the hiring process—is typically about 40% of the individual’s salary.[1]

Upping those costs: delays in hiring for professional roles exacerbated by job market trends. Applications per job opening across both business and technical roles have tripled since 2021, overwhelming recruiters and extending an already painfully long recruiting cycle.[2] From January 2021 to January 2024, growth in job applications that HR recruiters must plod through has grown 207% for business roles and 161% for technical roles.[3]

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, satisfaction with HR services is inconsistent. It’s swung wildly since 2014 from a low industry average Net Promoter® Score (NPS) of 8 (“good”) to a high of 46 (“favourable”). But in that same 10 year period, not once has it approached Axiom’s current legal services industry-leading talent NPS of 68, which lands Axiom at the high end of the “excellent” category.[4][5]

“Clients asked and we’re answering with innovative solutions they need today,” said Leslie Diorio, Vice President of Talent Recruiting at Axiom. “With Axiom’s recruitment solutions, clients don’t have to endure the long waits, countless interviews, and complexity of recruiting a permanent hire, or worry about the downstream issues that can come with hiring the wrong candidate. They can benefit from our deep expertise in recruiting, vetting, and placing high-calibre lawyers across 14 practice areas and every major industry to make hiring faster and easier than ever. Today’s Axiom is the legal department’s one-stop-shop for getting the outstanding talent they need, when and where they need.






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