Clio and Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute Partner to Advance Legal Tech with AI


Source: Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute

Its first project focuses on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of various models within the current platform and enhancing the user experience through personalized AI-driven workflows.

“Amii is excited to partner with Clio, a notable trailblazer in legal technology, on a project that will significantly expand the applications of AI in law,” stated Cam Linke, Amii CEO. “This collaboration represents a convergence of our mutual dedication to pushing boundaries in technology. By combining our AI research capabilities with Clio’s industry-leading platform, we are set to achieve substantial advancements in how legal services are delivered, aiming to enhance both the practitioner’s and client’s experience.”

“This partnership marks a significant step forward in our AI initiatives,” stated Jonathan Watson, Chief Technology Officer at Clio. “We’re excited to integrate AI in a way that optimizes legal processes, making advanced technology a seamless and valuable tool for law professionals everywhere. At Clio, our goal extends beyond advancing technological boundaries. We are dedicated to applying sophisticated AI solutions to create tangible benefits that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of legal practice.”

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