Law&Company vows to go global with AI legal assistant


Source: The Korea Economic Daily

Law&Company Co., the operator of South Korea’s largest legal advice app LawTalk, will venture into the US legal tech market in five years with its new service SuperLawyer, Korea’s first-ever artificial intelligence-powered legal assistant platform.

“SuperLawyer is not one of many AI services,” said Kim Bon-hwan, the chief executive officer of Law&Company. “It is expected to open a new era for Korea’s legal services, and we will represent Korea at ABA TECHSHOW organized by the American Bar Association in the US, home to legal tech, with our services in five years.”

SuperLawyer is a new legal service platform developed by Law&Company, which offers generative AI-trained legal assistant work. It is a subscription-based AI chatbot that assists attorneys with routine and sophisticated legal tasks, such as document review, summarization, legal research and document drafting. By freeing lawyers from such time-consuming work, the AI-powered legal service is expected to help legal professionals focus more on the higher-value, human work like building client relationships.

“We want to help legal professionals in Korea make the most use of AI,” said Kim. “I proudly present SuperLawyer as the most reliable partner of legal professionals that will guide them to the AI era.”

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