LawNeeds joins the LSSA to expand horizons in legal technology


Source: Solicitors Journal

The Legal Software Suppliers Association (LSSA) has welcomed LawNeeds, a legal technology provider, into its association. The LSSA, known for maintaining high standards in legal technology and fostering cooperation between lawyers and software providers, sees this as a significant step in advancing the legal tech landscape.

Steve Okolo, CEO of LawNeeds, said, “Joining the LSSA marks a significant milestone for LawNeeds. Our mission is to make high-quality legal services more accessible and affordable through our AI-powered mobile app. We aim to boost our brand by enhancing its credibility and trustworthiness through recognised industry affiliation and networking opportunities with the LSSA.”

Kevin Horlock, CEO of the LSSA, expresses enthusiasm about the new partnership: “The LSSA is delighted to welcome LawNeeds to our vibrant and diverse community of legal tech vendors. We are confident that their expertise will be a valuable addition to our association, fostering further advancements in legal technology.”

LawNeeds’ integration into the LSSA is expected to enhance the accessibility and delivery of legal services in the UK. By leveraging AI technology, LawNeeds is poised to bring expert legal advice directly to users’ fingertips, making legal assistance more efficient and accessible.

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