Leya partners with FromCounsel


Source: Leya

Leya and FromCounsel have collaborated to create a solution addressing concerns law firms have raised regarding Generative AI, particularly issues of accuracy and the risk of hallucinations. By merging FromCounsel’s deep analytical content with the advanced capabilities of the Leya platform, they have crafted bespoke features designed to alleviate these specific challenges and set a new benchmark for precision and reliability in AI applications for legal.

Andrew Thornton KC, founder of FromCounsel, said: “We believe that only a combination of Gen AI with the very best data sources will deliver a viable solution in the legal market, and our discussions over the last few months with our customers have confirmed that belief.

We will be working hard over the next few months to fine-tune our offering in light of feedback from our pilot partner firms and are excited at the prospect of bringing a commercial product to market in the Autumn.”

Max Junestrand, CEO of Leya, said: “At Leya, we are obsessed with building the future of legal work. Our partnership with FromCounsel is a confident step in that direction, allowing us to combine our cutting-edge AI with their unparalleled legal expertise. We have spent considerable time understanding the unique challenges faced by UK legal professionals, particularly around the accuracy and reliability of Generative AI. By integrating FromCounsel’s content with our AI capabilities, we address these concerns head-on.”

Read the full article: https://www.leya.law/blog/leya-partners-with-fromcounsel

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