Mphasis Rolls Out AI-Powered Document Processing Platform


Source: Inc42

Bengaluru-based Mphasis, an IT solutions provider specialising in cloud and cognitive services, has rolled out a new AI-powered intelligence platform for document processing.

With this new platform, DeepInsights Doc AI, Mphasis aims to help enterprise clients in extracting text-specific information from documents, regardless of their format or layout. This information can then be seamlessly integrated with downstream IT systems to generate actionable insights.

DeepInsights Doc AI offers a customised LLM solution designed for enterprise-specific requirements across document processing, covering information extraction, information discovery, context-aware search and insight generation with recommendations.

“DeepInsights Doc AI marks a significant leap in our mission to empower businesses with transformative AI solutions. We believe this new iteration will be a game-changer for organisations seeking more efficient, accurate and cost-effective ways to process a diverse range of documents. Moreover, this will also lead to significant improvements in productivity, customer service, and risk management for enterprise clients,” said Nitin Rakesh, chief executive officer and managing director of Mphasis.

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