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Ambar Partners

Ambar serves as the vital link that bridges a global network of top-tier legal talent with leading international corporations.

At the core of our mission is the empowerment of the world’s elite lawyers, facilitating the attainment of exceptional lives through our Managed Talent Platform (MTP).

Specializing in the meticulous curation of bespoke external legal teams tailored to the unique demands of each project, we excel in delivering finely tuned solutions for multinational corporations, top-listed companies, and investment funds. Leveraging our expansive network of top legal professionals, we adeptly navigate diverse global requirements, resolving intricate challenges for esteemed clients across various sectors, including leading multinational and private equity entities.

Distinguished as the premier private global community, comprising over 350 high-performing independent lawyers dedicated to serving the world’s foremost enterprises, we boast a legacy of excellence spanning more than two decades in the legal sector. Our unparalleled experience enables us to intimately understand and address the nuanced needs of both our clients and our talent pool.

Renowned for the caliber and quality of our legal consultants, our strategic partnerships, and our unwavering commitment to superior client service, we consistently earn accolades as a leading provider, garnering recognition from esteemed entities such as Chambers in their global ‘flexible legal staffing’ category and achieving Band One status in their guide for Spain.

The world’s preeminent financial institutions, multinational corporations, technology enterprises, and entities operating in the energy and renewables sectors place their trust in us to deliver exceptional outcomes tailored to their unique needs.

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