Arbi.City: Official partner of LegalTechTalk 2024


ARBI.CITY is a new AI-powered Hub for Disputes Professionals with a mission to enhance reliability, confidentiality, and accessibility of modern technology for lawyers and other professionals in the field. Supported by dozens of leading firms and organisations, their online community platform, launched in 2023, facilitates professional networking, group discussions, events, and provides access to essential resources and productivity tools.

They are also developing ARBI (Advanced Retrieval-Based Intelligence), a suite of self-hosted AI tools aimed at extracting reliable insights from case files and documents. Last but not least, their ARBI BOX device provides a unique all-in-one AI hardware solution enabling law firms and corporations to fully harness the power of AI technologies while ensuring the confidentiality of client data remains within their security frameworks.

The company is led by recognized leaders in the field of technology and dispute resolution and is a member of NVIDIA’s Inception Program for AI startups.

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