House of Block: Official partner of LegalTechTalk 2024

House of Block

HoB, plays a pivotal role in cultivating collaboration and fostering a sense of community within the blockchain industry. Renowned for organising exceptional events, their gatherings are highly coveted by professionals in the field. Korby, the driving force behind the business, places a strong emphasis on community building through her exclusive membership club.

Throughout the year, Korby orchestrates curated intimate dinners and networking events that provide an ideal setting for meaningful connections to flourish.

One of the standout events hosted by House of Block is the annual Digital Assets & Web3 Talks & Garden Event, 17 June 2024. This event serves as a focal point for networking, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas among industry leaders. With an invitation-only approach, the club ensures that the attendees are a select group of professionals who contribute significantly to the blockchain community.

For inquiries and membership information, interested individuals can reach out to Korby Hayre at [email protected]. House of Block stands as a beacon for fostering collaboration, innovation, and community within the dynamic landscape of blockchain technology.

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