Juristic: Official partner of LegalTechTalk 2024


Juristic is a Danish legal tech startup that combines the visual concepts that lawyers and attorneys use in their daily work with an intuitive and award-winning digital toolbox.

The platform consists of three products: (1) Juristic Structure, a digital whiteboard; (2) Juristic Timeline, an automated timeline; and (3) Juristic Flow, a collaborative and visual project management tool. Designed in close collaboration with law and advisory firms, the products are uniquely applicable whether the goal is higher coverage or lower legal risk – or simply to make work life better for their employees.

In short, Juristic can transform the data and input in the tools into real client deliverables (document automation), e.g. an illustration for a 100-page legal report – or 500 emails into an interactive timeline that can be exported as a legal supporting appendix to the court. Or imagine legal structures automatically converting themselves into full PowerPoint slide decks with content.

Juristic has taken some of the legal methods that are already in use today and added an intelligent engine to these processes – and it even works across jurisdictions. In this way, the platform works across practice groups, which has been possible due to the team’s special composition with several trained lawyers with backgrounds from some of the top Danish law firms.

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