TrustWorks: Official partner of LegalTechTalk 2024


TrustWorks is a privacy management suite that helps you efficiently build your privacy program, empowering collaboration to make everyone a part of your privacy team.

A better privacy program comes from bringing your business on board. With Trustworks’ smart automations, easy-to-use workflows, tailored communications, collaborative set-up and proactive support, you can operationalise your privacy program without it becoming a burden on your business. Leading companies like TravelPerk, Glovo, Luno, Fenergo and Flywire build their privacy programs with Trustworks.

TrustWorks’ commitment is to empower privacy leaders through smoother privacy operations and collaboration. Thus, TrustWorks has built a private community of 200+ Privacy Leaders and CISOs. Experts from leading global ScaleUps and Enterprises (like Pipedrive, Typeform, or DAZN) have already joined this community to discuss the challenges of modern, tech-driven privacy.

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