Scarlett Johansson’s AI Legal Threat Sets Stage for Actors’ Battle With Tech Giants


Source: Hollywood Reporter

Voice actors are filing lawsuits while SAG-AFTRA is rallying lawmakers to bar AI companies from misappropriating members’ likenesses.

Artists were first to sue. Then authors hit generative artificial intelligence companies with a volley of lawsuits, followed by publications. As battle lines over the use of AI tools in Hollywood are being drawn, actors may be the next group of creators to open another front in what could be an industry-defining legal battle against AI firms over the use of copyrighted works and personal data to power their human-mimicking chatbots.

On Monday, Scarlett Johansson threatened legal action against OpenAI for allegedly copying and imitating her voice after she refused to license it to the company. According to the actress, OpenAI asked her to be one of the voices called “Sky” for its newest AI system. She declined, though she said that didn’t stop chief executive Sam Altman.

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