Billy Jörgensen

Chief Compliance Officer & Head of Legal Affairs Lindholmen Science Park

Speaker at LegalTechTalk 2024

Billy Jorgensen

Billy Jörgensen, a seasoned lawyer with a specialized focus on Intellectual Property (IP), technology law, and compliance, has cultivated a rich professional journey both domestically and internationally. His tenure at a reputable law firm saw him at the helm of IP and ESG cases, along with fostering business development. 

Transitioning his prowess to the research arena, Billy embraced a role at Lindholmen Science Park, a bastion of innovation with a pronounced emphasis on Applied AI. His journey burgeoned into a pivotal role as the Head of Legal affairs, marking a year of steering legal frameworks amidst a thriving ecosystem of AI explorations. Currently Lindholmen hosts Sweden’s national initiative for applied AI, with its generative AI research being hailed as world-leading. 

Billy’s upcoming discourse aims to unfurl an insightful and constructive narrative on the European AI Act, shedding light on the synergetic dance between legal frameworks and technological advancements.