Carl Rosen

Intellectual Property Advisory at PA Consulting

Speaker at LegalTechTalk 2024

Carl Rosen

Carl is an interdisciplinary and highly experienced strategist operating at the intersection of business, innovation, and intellectual property (IP). He has a strong track record helping both Fortune 500 companies and start-ups to ensure business-driven creation, management, and use of their IP portfolios. 

Leading with a data-first mindset, Carl also helps clients to navigate complex and converging technology markets by using an array of advanced patent analytics and data management tools to advise on product, innovation and competitor trends and business opportunities/risks. – A creative futurist with a passion for culture, innovation, and people, Carl actively engages in the public discourse and is a frequent speaker at events and universities, focusing on the transformational role of IP as a key business and data asset in the network and knowledge-based economy. 

Expertise areas:  
– Innovation Intelligence 
– analysing technology landscapes to inform on key product, innovation, and competitor trends.
– Tech+IP Strategy 
– deploying business-driven strategies across the entire tech and IP lifecycle to maximise value from innovation. –
–  Technology Partnerships
– Analysing external tech and IP synergies to accelerate product development and GTM.
— Open Innovation
– Building multiparty IP regimes to facilitate open innovation orchestrations and ecosystems. 
–Enterprise Transformation
— Re/design organisational structures to augment process efficiency and governance.