Charlotte Smith

Founder of Level7 Legal

Speaker at LegalTechTalk 2024

Charlotte Smith

Charlotte Smith embarked on her legal career at Baker McKenzie in Jakarta and the BBC in London, eventually specializing in the Travel and Aviation sector at a top-tier boutique firm. Charlotte developed an innovative employment law subscription product. With HR advice lines and training, this product reshaped approaches to HR legalities, granting Charlotte notable recognition in the TTG 30 Under 30. 

2014 marked a pivotal shift in Charlotte’s journey as she transitioned from the UK to California. Amidst the bustling innovation of Silicon Valley, she expanded her skill set, training as an Executive Coach. This fusion of legal acumen and coaching expertise placed Charlotte at a unique intersection in the industry. 

In the current era, where AI is driving unprecedented transformations in the legal landscape, Charlotte spearheads Level7 Legal with a clear vision. Level7 Legal isn’t just about equipping lawyers with tools for the future; it’s about addressing the profound cultural shifts and human performance aspects in legal settings. As AI and other technologies challenge traditional legal norms, Charlotte, through Level7, assists legal professionals and legal teams in navigating these waters, focusing on the often overlooked human elements.  

She is dedicated to helping teams transform, ensuring they remain agile, cohesive, and human-centered amidst rapid technological evolution. 

Outside of her transformative work, Charlotte loves painting, recharges through yoga, and treasures the moments spent with young children.