Dame Inga Beale

Former CEO of Lloyd's of London

Speaker at LegalTechTalk 2024

Dame Inga Beale

Former CEO of Lloyd’s of London, workplace equality advocate and British businesswoman, Dame Inga Beale is a name that became instantly recognisable within the global insurance market. A female figure that took her industry by storm, she now works as a non-executive director and speaker to spread business motivation, share advice on business transformation and offer tips regarding inclusion.

During her 5 year tenure at the 335-year-old financial institution of Lloyd’s, Inga took on many of the traditions that had held the organisation back. She modernised the market with the introduction of technology and, understanding the vital importance of inclusion in the workplace, she challenged the traditional “boys club” culture to make it a much more inclusive environment for all.

Inga started her career in 1982 and is a Chartered Insurer. She was awarded her Damehood in 2017 for services to the UK economy.