Hannah Strawbridge

CEO HanLawCo

Speaker at LegalTechTalk 2024

Hannah Strawbridge

Hannah Strawbridge is an employment solicitor and is the founder of the award-winning Han Law Co.  After becoming disillusioned by the traditional law firm structure which lacks diversity, and witnessing too many colleagues either leave the profession or ‘burn out’, she adopted a new business model to prove that there was another way of working that benefits both her team and clients.  

Four years later, Han Law features an impressive mix of lawyers and HR professionals, who bring with them a depth of expertise along with a sense of humour and commercialmindedness.  The calibre of clients Han Law works with is a testament to their ability and shared values, along with their collection of accolades.  By being innovative and progressive in business, Hannah has set a standard that many aspire to.  Her team works fully remotely and flexibly and as a result is more diverse and appealing to a new generation of lawyers. 

Hannah co-parents two sport-mad boys who share her sense of humour and love of holidays, their cat Simba, and curries. 

One of Han Law’s values is Innovation and as someone who is always challenging the status quo, Hannah is excited to be one of the key note speakers at Legal Tech Talk.  Hannah hopes to inspire others how thinking differently, taking risks and having self-belief is a game changer in both business and life generally.