Jamila Mendoza

European Center for Space Law Member

Speaker at LegalTechTalk 2024

Jamila Mendoza

Jamila Mendoza is a world-leading business executive and board member of multiple organizations, renowned for her expertise in legal technology. She has provided advisory and solutions to the world’s most prominent corporations, governments, and international institutions. With a recognized leadership track record, Jamila has held key positions in the Space industry, Energy sector, and academia within Norway, where she has also contributed significantly to the advancement of the Norwegian space industry and pioneering in decarbonization in the Norwegian energy sector. She has collaborated on publications with the International Astronautical Federation and she is the mother of “good outer space governance”. Her core expertise lies in harnessing cutting-edge technologies to streamline legal technology governance, digital sovereignty, and Corporate Digital Defense. 

Jamila serves to the Norwegian Petroleum Society in the Young Energy Committee as Board member. As well as she has been coordinator of a Group of Experts in a commission for the United Nations and engaged in a global project research with OECD. Next to that, she serves as Chairman of Norgesen Global, a Nordic Business Consulting Firm and as General Counsellor for the University of Oslo. 

Outside of the Professional scope, she advocates for positive change, actively engaging in philanthropic and social initiatives aimed at making a lasting impact on society. – She holds an Honors degree in International Relations and a Master’s in Energy, Environment, and Society from the University of Stavanger. She also holds a concentration in Finance Specialization from the University of Geneve. In addition, she has completed executive programs in responsible AI leadership. 

“I am thrilled to share my insights at LegalTechTalk, where I am deeply passionate about navigating the intricate landscape of legal technology’s impact on governance and its transformative influence on boards within organizations,” says Jamila Mendoza, Chairman at Norgesen Global.