Raj Kulasingam

Senior Counsel at Dentons

Speaker at LegalTechTalk 2024

Raj Kulasingam is a corporate/commercial solicitor who is a former partner and now Senior Counsel at global international law firm Dentons (www.dentons.com). His 30+ year legal career began in 1990 and he has been involved in a wide variety of transactions in energy/infrastructure, private equity and venture capital.

When he is not working at Dentons he (together with Vishal Agarwal) is an active
venture/angel investor and have invested globally (focussing on Africa and the UK) in over 60 companies and 7 early-stage venture funds. Raj (through SM River) and Vishal (through Full Circle) often appear on cap tables under the moniker “V&R” and have a podcast on entrepreneurship stories in Africa called “We are VR” supported by the Africa Venture Capital Association.

Legaltech is a relatively new investment arena for Raj although he is an avid follower of the space and regular user of legaltech in his role at Dentons. As a lawyer he is passionate about leveraging cutting-edge technology to transform the legal industry and recognises the immense potential of legaltech solutions to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and improve access to justice.