Shreya Vajpei

Head of Innovation at Khaitan & Co

Speaker at LegalTechTalk 2024

Shreya Vajpei

“Lawyers hate technology!” (Or so the tale goes.) Shreya, a key member of the Digital & Innovation team at Khaitan & Co., one of India’s most prestigious and oldest law firms, is on a mission to debunk this myth. Her mission? To enhance the legal practice; not just for clients but for the practitioners themselves. 

She also spearheads, a platform that bridges the nexus of business, tech, and law. Its mission is to democratize knowledge, empowering the next wave of changemakers and innovators within the legal sector. 

Having been a practicing lawyer, Shreya is deeply familiar with the intricacies of the legal landscape. Drawing from this experience, she consistently prioritizes lawyers at the heart of innovation, rather than positioning technology as the sole driving force. 

Recognised amongst ’30 Legal Tech Innovators to Follow in APAC’ and ’30 Women Legal Innovators in Asia to Follow’, Shreya strives to reimagine law through the lens of technology. – In her journey, Shreya has consistently discovered: Lawyers aren’t resistant to technology; they’re in search of impactful innovations tailored to their distinct professional realm.