[LONDON, 12 JUNE 2024] – Today, Springbok AI announces the general launch of SpringLaw, a powerful LLM-agnostic solution that enables law firms and legal professionals to transform their knowledge and processes into effective, generative AI-powered tools for everyday workflows and client-focused solutions. Currently in private beta and with an invite-only waitlist of over 40 law firms, Springbok will officially begin accepting new applications to the waitlist from this Thursday, 13th June, the first day of the Legal Tech Talk conference where Cofounder and CEO, Victoria Albrecht, is set to speak.

“With the release of our game-changing SpringLaw tool suite – Wizards, Chats and Tables, we’ve taken the process of turning firms’ long lists of use case ideas for workflow automation and client solutions into tangible tools to the next level,” remarks Victoria Albrecht, CEO at Springbok AI.

SpringLaw has data privacy, simplicity, and customisability at its heart, recognising that each law firm and respective clients have unique needs that are not addressed by the market’s current offering.

The user-friendly SpringLaw platform allows legal professionals to easily get started with generative AI, configure tools to their specific workflows, and build out entire practice toolkits. There are two main ways to achieve this on the SpringLaw platform: firms with available Legal Engineer and Data Scientist resources can configure and create custom tools directly via SpringLaw Wizards. Alternatively, firms and GCs can partner with Springbok AI for its concierge service.

Lawyers are chronically time-poor. Our concierge service enables ambitious firms whose biggestchallengeisgettinglawyers’timetobe time-efficient.Inotherwords,weholdfirms’ hands and ensure it gets done within typically 4-8 hours.

The SpringLaw platform has three modules:

Wizards: Create reusable workflow tools and monetisable client solutions based on your unique knowledge, expertise and processes. This builder, when used out-of-the box, lets users create reusable workflow tools and monetisable client solutions based on your unique knowledge, expertise and processes. Configurers provide “context” in the form of documents and “directions” in the form of background prompts, enabling practices to create and share entire templated document generators, assistants, and workflow automations. A Concierge Service (get it done fast) and White-Glove Service (quality guarantee) are both available options.

Chats: Whether it’s contracts, white papers, reports, RFPs or anything else, Chats enables legal professionals to dynamically and interactively work with multiple documents at once. Use Springbok’s existing prompts or create a bespoke library for your firm, and talk to your documents. Summarise. Draft. Extract. For those that have been following Springbok for a while, Chats was previously known as “Springbok GPT”.

Tables: Need to assess 200 property portfolios for the impact of a leasehold reform bill? Or review 160 director’s liability case outcomes for financial penalties? Want to monitor 5 of your client competitors’ sustainable forestry claims for ESG tracking? Consider it done. SpringLaw Tables lets you find, filter and structure information from 100’s of documents – in minutes. Tables will be rolled out for general access from mid-July.

The most remarkable thing about SpringLaw is its output accuracy. Springbok’s secret sauce is in Springbok AI Engine’s proprietary data pipeline, developed with close feedback loops from multiple Global 200 law firms over the past 18 months. It has been created specifically for legal workflows, which ensures the LLM meticulously reads every word – just like a lawyer.

Springbok’s deployment philosophy will also be music to the ears of any Innovation Leader: Springbok’s centralised legal GenAI sandbox ensures that the compliance ordeal only has to be endured once—rather than anew for every single solution.

SpringLaw, currently in the final days of its beta stage, has been tested by top law firms around the globe, including Charles Russell Speechlys.

Joe Cohen, Director of Innovation at global law firm Charles Russell Speechlys remarks that: “There’s a lot to be said for building your own tools on top of foundational models that exist on the market. Ultimately, our goal is to leverage generative AI to build client solutions.”

He continues, “Most generative AI technology options are either too broad or too specific, with little scope for customisation. We needed a secure generative AI platform to create prompts and tools that are customised to us, and for the platform to be easy to use and collaborate on – SpringLaw is just that for Charles Russell Speechlys with our new Sidekick platform. I value Springbok’s no-fluff approach, candid guidance, and flexibility. My favourite perk of being a Springbok partner is probably being able to influence the roadmap”.

For Cofounder and CEO Victoria Albrecht, “SpringLaw is the result of 18 months of continuous client feedback integration and iteration; we’ve been optimising the prompt architecture and data pipeline, and grounding SpringLaw in legal data to deliver relevant output for legal work – and now we’re thrilled to share it with the wider market,” she notes.

“So far, we’ve focused on the Global 200, and we’re pleased to now finally open our waitlist to meet wider demand and be accessible to mid-tier law firms and GCs as well. SpringLaw enables your firm to both leverage and master generative AI ASAP and begin planning differentiation and client solutions into the core of your future proposition without the need for large in-house development teams,” she continues.

SpringLaw uses a unique prompt architecture methodology that maximises the ability of LLMs to extract information from your data in a safe and secure way. It uses military-grade encryption at rest and in transit and can either be hosted by Springbok or by your firm.

The waitlist to sign up for the general release of SpringLaw will go live on the Springbok website, www.springbok.ai, this Thursday 14th June at the Legal Tech Talk conference.

About Springbok AI

Springbok AI is an award-winning Generative AI management strategy and product development boutique. Since 2017, it has empowered some of the world’s largest law firms and enterprises with the context, strategy and solutions to step into the new world of AI-powered client and employee experience, process optimisation, and data-driven decision-making. Generative AI is disrupting legal services. This creates an opportunity for law firms to leverage their knowledge and expertise to create the next generation of client service delivery and defend their position in the market through the legal-specialised GenAI all-rounder that can be rolled out with ease: SpringLaw.

Springbok AI will be attending the event and will exhibit at booth K4.

Learn more about SpringLaw here, and visit their website this Thursday at 9am to join the waitlist.

Media contact: Ryan Wightman, Springbok AI, [email protected]

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