Darrow secures $35M Series B round to further develop AI search platform for class action litigation potential


Source: TechCrunch
By Ingrid Lunden

Darrow, a company that has developed an AI-driven data engine capable of processing vast volumes of publicly accessible documents to identify potential class action litigation opportunities, has secured $35 million in funding. This financing comes on the heels of a successful period in recent years, with Darrow reporting that active cases initiated through its data insights presently amount to approximately $10 billion in claims.

The Series B funding round was spearheaded by B2B specialist Georgian, with participation from F2, as well as previous investors Entrée Capital and NFX. Including this most recent investment, Darrow has amassed nearly $60 million from backers, which also include Y Combinator (where it was part of the W21 cohort) and R-Squared Ventures.

Ben Artzi, co-founder and CEO of Darrow, remarked, “Numerous violations remain undiscovered, and our aim is to expand the capabilities of our Large Language Model to uncover additional instances of egregious activity. We aspire to become the primary resource for law firms seeking impactful cases. Currently, there is a substantial pool of legal expertise eager to tackle pressing societal issues, and we aim to be the platform where they can identify cases that can truly make a difference.”

Read full article: https://techcrunch.com/2023/09/19/darrow-legal-tech/

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