Dickinson Wright Enhances Matter Reporting and Data Driven DEI with BigHand Impact Analytics


Dickinson Wright has chosen BigHand Impact Analytics to surface actionable timecard data as part of a more significant initiative to increase the visibility of efficiency ‘blind spots’ across the matter lifecycle. Investing in technology solutions that will surface critical data to help inform business decision-making and drive growth is a high priority for law firm leaders.

BigHand Impact Analytics is the perfect solution for them as the firm ramped up its pricing department while searching for ways to improve DEI metrics. It will demonstrate the benefits of firms’ legal services through AI-enabled timecard analysis. This will be done across the firm’s billing information, DEI data, and lawyer resourcing. The solution will allow the firm to identify opportunities for career-advancing work, support DEI initiatives, and focus on areas where time recording needs to be improved – ultimately creating a smoother billing and collection process with better data insights.

Michael Kolb, Chief Operating Officer, noted, “Clients continue to ask how these engagements are staffed? It’s part of every RFP. Resourcing matters through a DEI lens is important for DW and our clients. We see it as a holistic growth perspective for the firm.” While Dickinson Wright continues to make internal changes to support their DEI initiatives, they only had access to historical data, and it didn’t provide the insight needed to understand where the firm stood with equitable career-enhancing work for their lawyers. 

Renee Morris, Sr. Director of Business Intelligence and Data Analytics at the firm, explained, “BigHand Impact Analytics gives us something more actionable. When you’re thinking about how you impact DEI change, being able to evaluate the kind of work that people are getting, make sure that it’s distributed equitably amongst all the attorneys, and everybody is getting the same types of opportunities is something that we will now be able to affect.” Michael and Renee agreed that the firm wants to do right by their employees and create a culture of inclusivity for a diverse staff.

Michael continued the sentiment by saying, “BigHand Impact Analytics gave us deeper insight into the DEI and pricing goals we were focused on. We started with very little, and this technology will open opportunities to give additional insight into career growth and various options regarding how we map career growth in the firm. This is a big step towards a larger picture for us. BigHand’s tools are giving us insight into where we need to be to compete in the future.”

BigHand Impact Analytics will provide actionable DEI-based data to the team at Dickinson Wright. It will also provide them with cleaner coding, more digestible data visualizations, and reporting on pricing. Dickinson Wright can analyze their billing data more effectively and position the firm for continued long-term success. 

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