Day: December 6, 2023


Google says new AI model Gemini outperforms ChatGPT in most tests

Google has unveiled a new artificial intelligence model that it claims outperforms ChatGPT in most tests and displays “advanced reasoning” across multiple formats, including an ability to view and mark a student’s physics homework.

Thought Leadership

With AI presenting an opportunity to finally ensure the profitability of AFAs, law firm leaders are actively collaborating with external AI partners and making tech hires

The exponential rise of generative AI is causing seismic changes in the legal profession. Princeton University concluded in a survey undertaken this year that legal services are set to be the most drastically impacted by generative AI. Indeed, artificial intelligence poses both the biggest threat, and opportunity, that law firms have ever faced. Those who navigate the risk, make quick decisions, and leverage the technology to their advantage, will ride both the immediate wave of success and come out on top in the long-term.


Dickinson Wright Enhances Matter Reporting and Data Driven DEI with BigHand Impact Analytics

Dickinson Wright has chosen BigHand Impact Analytics to surface actionable timecard data as part of a more significant initiative to increase the visibility of efficiency ‘blind spots’ across the matter lifecycle. Investing in technology solutions that will surface critical data to help inform business decision-making and drive growth is a high priority for law firm leaders.

Thought Leadership

What are property professionals’ top priorities for 2024?

Landmark’s major new cross-market report has uncovered the top challenges and priorities for 2024 shared by estate agents, conveyancers, surveyors and lenders across the transaction chain.