Settlement Intelligence Secures Investment From Verify Venture Studio in Portland, Oregon


Source: Yahoo Finance

Settlement Intelligence, a customer-focused legal technology startup, is pleased to announce a seed investment from Verify Venture Studio in Portland, Oregon. Founded by a team of legal and technology experts, Settlement Intelligence has developed a comprehensive SaaS service designed to streamline and enhance the settlement negotiation process for legal professionals. The platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to ingest extensive information about traumatic injuries, bodily injury claim software, medical bill review software, and personal injury demand letters to create the industry-leading demand letter SaaS service.

The investment from Verify Venture Studio will enable Settlement Intelligence to accelerate its development efforts and expand its reach in the legal tech market. “Settlement Intelligence’s vision aligns perfectly with our mission of supporting disruptive innovators that drive positive change,” said Russell McLemore, Managing Partner at Verify Venture Studio. “We believe that their service has the potential to transform the legal industry, and we are excited to be a part of their journey.”

Settlement Intelligence CEO Charlette Sinclar expressed gratitude for the support and confidence shown by Verify Venture Studio: “This partnership is a significant milestone for Settlement Intelligence. It will allow us to grow our team, extend our product offerings, and reach a wider audience of legal professionals. We are thrilled to have Verify Venture Studio as a strategic partner on our path to supporting legal professionals in securing better outcomes for their clients.”

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